3 November 2017 - 14:26

KongDoo manager posts Dota 2 recruitment ad on Facebook

It seems that at least one Korean organization is taking a renewed interest in Dota 2.
Dota 2 Writer
Image via Valve

Korean esports organization KongDoo is looking for players to form a Dota 2 squad.

South Korea has not had an official Dota 2 server for nearly two years now. The huge popularity of League of Legends has prevented the game from ever getting a foothold. That makes it somewhat surprising that a top team would be looking to recruit.

Earlier today, KongDoo manager of esports and former owner of Korea-based team Rave Pyeong "pYung" Gwon posted a recruitment ad for Dota 2 players via his Facebook account.

The ad indicates that the KongDoo organization itself will provide a team house, a regular salary, food, and other necessities such as gear and an interpreter. No other information about the potential move into Dota 2 has been released.

The only other Korean organization still actively operating Dota 2 teams is MVP, with their two squads MVP Hot6ix and MVP Revolution. The former is an all-Korean lineup, while the latter is an all-Kyrgyz roster. Last month, American esports org Immortals signed the former members of the MVP Phoenix roster that played at The International 6. The Immortals roster is also an all-Korean squad.

There are currently no organizations hosting major Dota 2 tournaments in South Korea. As far as local events go, the scene is practically non-existent.

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