Howlongtobeat says Dota 2 takes 1,880 hours to beat and has fans making up their own achievements

Take that Gaben—the community actually beat Dota.

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For games like Dota 2, there isn’t really a point where you complete the game. There’s no single-player campaign, no endgame grind—it’s all completely based around a multiplayer experience that’s meant to be played endlessly. 

But according to Howlongtobeat, a website that gives basic breakdowns of how long it will take to beat various games, Dota 2 does have a completion time. Based on a growing pool of around 50 players polled about the length, it takes over 1,800 hours to fully finish Valve’s MOBA. 

Now most of those players are just messing around with the website and giving reviews based on their own playtime and experience with the game. That has led to the average time spent to finish Dota at 1,880 hours for competitive, while 1,524 hours is the co-op time, which probably means time spent playing with people in a party. 

Image via Howlongtobeat

There’s no listed qualifications for what counts as “beating” Dota 2, but it has lit the community on fire. Players have begun cracking jokes and coming up with their own Easter egg achievements that could be included in someone’s attempts to complete the game. 

Posts varied from quality ideas like teams winning a game with every player using a support hero to the more silly variety such as “played against an enemy team of 5 cores…and lost.” There are achievements already built into the game, but this was just something that played well with the community. 

Many other ideas were tossed around, like landing a five enemy Chronosphere with no allies in it or playing Techies without being reported. All of those were followed up by further comments and other players talking about the actual logistics behind breaking down each idea. 

If you want to see the closest thing to these memes, you can check out Dotabuff’s list of achievements and the built-in tracker. Or you can spend a few minutes laughing at some of the outlandish ideas mentioned in the Reddit thread. 

If you are one of the thousands of players that have spent more than 1,800 hours running lanes, farming, and attacking the Ancients, you can go ahead and uninstall Dota; you have already beaten the game. Maybe you can actually try another game now—it looks like League of Legends only takes 1,250 hours to finish!


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