Evil Geniuses qualify for The International 8

One more slot remains for North America.

Photo via Valve

After initially struggling in the qualifier’s group stage, North America’s most famous Dota 2 squad secured their spot at the International 8.

Evil Geniuses tore through the qualifier’s playoff bracket, embarking on a flawless winstreak through compLexity Gaming in the semifinals and Immortals in the finals. Although compLexity had defeated Evil Geniuses in the group stage, the North American team appeared reinvigorated during the playoff stage.

This makes Evil Geniuses the second North American team to qualify for the International 8. The first slot was secured by VGJ.Storm, who finished in first place in the qualifier’s group stage, which earned them a direct flight to the Dota 2 world championship on Aug. 15.

Evil Geniuses run through the playoffs was, to some extent, unexpected. Throughout 2018, Evil Geniuses has only been able to win event, despite undergoing multiple roster changes. This includes a bottom place finish at the ESL One Birmingham Dota 2 Major on May 23, where Evil Geniuses were eliminated from contention by CIS underdogs Team Spirit.

On May 28, following the disappointing result at ESL One Birmingham, Evil Geniuses made a radical change to its roster by removing long-time player Clinton “Fear” Loomis, and former support player Rasmus “MiSeRy-” Filipsen. Their replacements came in the shape of OG duo Tal “Fly” Aizik and Gustav “s4” Magnusson.

Now the final stretch to see which team will join VGJ.Storm and Evil Geniuses at the International 8 begins. Three teams remain in the qualifier’s lower bracket where OpTic, compLexity and Immortals will fight for the last slot. The first match of the day will be played between OpTic and compLexity.