Valve does a little Spring Cleaning in Dota 2, with a little balance update on the side

Bugs have been squashed and new features implemented.

Image via Valve

Every year, Valve gets into the springtime mood with what it calls the Spring Cleaning update for Dota 2. Spring Cleaning is when it puts out a large update focused mainly on changes to the user interface, as well as fixing a large number of bugs both in-game and in the client.

It’s no different this year—except for the fact that Patch 7.08 is included in this one as well. Among brand new features like a redesign to all user profiles, stricter language-based matchmaking, and even a last-hit trainer, lead developer IceFrog has also chucked in a handful of tweaks to heroes and items.

The highlight of the update, apart from the bug fixes, comes in the form of the redesigned player profile, which features a brand new layout. The redesign allows users to display three heroes, including any equipped cosmetics for each one, on a pedestal to the right side of their profile. In addition, a player’s win-loss record for his or her last ten matches is now shown next to the summary of their most recent game.

The last-hit trainer definitely deserves a mention as well. Last hitting creeps for gold and experience is an essential skill for Dota 2 players of all kinds—even support players. Players can find the last hit trainer in the Learn tab of the main menu, and can even use it while queuing for games.

In an effort to improve communication between teammates, the language selection (which has been a client feature for years) now weighs more heavily in public matchmaking. Also, toxic players that get reported frequently for negative behavior may receive six month matchmaking bans. Suddenly, low priority queue is now a much more desirable sentence.

More new features and the full list of bug fixes and balance changes have been posted on the Dota 2 website.