Dota Underlords Mid-Season Gameplay Update is now live

We knew everything that came with it.

Image via Valve

The Dota Underlords update that was supposed to come out yesterday is finally here, a day later. Valve announced it as the Mid-Season Gameplay Balance update when it released the patch notes on July 18, but it said last night that the update would be released today.

This update is bringing a huge number of changes to the game’s Alliances, items, heroes, and tiers. The entire meta is changing abruptly, and that’s why Valve released the patch notes a day in advance. It wanted players to get used to these alterations before hopping into a match and being surprised by the changes.

Valve made huge changes to Alliance items. They’re tiered now and players can get weaker and stronger versions of each of them randomly at the start of their matches. Their effects remain the same, though.

In terms of hero changes, many of them changed tiers. Troll Warlord, Medusa, Sand King, Tinker, Treant Protector, and Clockwerk are now in higher tiers than they used to be, while Tidehunter, Razor, Venomancer, and Wind Ranger are in lower tiers. This will affect both their gold cost and rarity, which means they’ll either be easier or harder to find than before the update.

The biggest change in terms of hero stats came to three-star units. Many heroes got a huge boost in their health, damage, attack speed, or spell damage when they move up to three stars, which will make it worthwhile to build three-star units from now on instead of focusing on a solid two-star team.

Valve also changed tiers of several other equipable items and either buffed or nerfed them. Players will be able to check all changes either in the patch notes or in the Dota Underlords Items tab.

The update is now live across all platforms.