Dota Pro Circuit nullifies Wind and Rain and Pecado Squad Gaming following ban

More repercussions from the match-fixing bans.

Image via ESL

Following Valve’s decision to disqualify Wind and Rain and Pecado Squad Gaming from the 2021 Dota Pro Circuit, both teams have now had their results for season two of the regional league nullified. 

This decision was made following an extensive investigation into match-fixing allegations brought up during the lower division of the North American competition, which ran from April 12 to May 22. 

Because both teams were disqualified and have now had their results scrubbed from the records for the NA DPC, that means the standings have all shifted and none of the remaining teams will be relegated out of the lower division if Valve uses these results for the next season. Here are the final standings now that Wind and Rain and Pecado have been removed. 

RankTeam nameSeriesGamesPrize
1D2 Hustlers7-014-1$17,000
2Arkosh Gaming6-113-3$16,000
3Team DogChamp5-211-3$15,000
6Electronic Boys3-44-11$7,000
7Pecado Squad GamingDQDQ
8Wind and RainDQDQ

Prior to this decision, Wind and Rain were already going to be relegated from the DPC after going 1-6 during regional play. Pecado would have finished in fourth place, taking home $11,000 and a shot at competing in the TI regional qualifier. 

Both rosters have been banned from competing in The International regional qualifiers and all future Valve events, while BTS has banned the players from competing in its future events. 

Wind and Rain’s Vladimir “yol” Basov posted a response to the decision on Reddit, claiming that he has no idea how this happened, but had no involvement even if things were discovered to be true.

“All I’m saying is I didn’t get paid by anyone and I didn’t ever bet on my games,” yol said. “I was just playing NA DPC season two with a mix for fun because I had the chance. I don’t want to blame any particular person, but if some guy in our team did some bets why the rest players who didn’t know about it should suffer. Valve made statement without showing any evidence and just banned my WHOLE team. How is this fair?”

Yol hopes that a Valve will “shed some light” on the situation soon and that anyone who is deemed innocent in the investigation will not be punished. A full list of players and managers being banned or exempted from punishment after this decision has still not been released.