Dota Plus Autumn Update brings parts of the TI9 Battle Pass to the service

There are some new inclusions that might bring some subscribers back.

Image via Valve

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Several features from The International 2019’s Battle Pass have been added to Dota Plus as permanent features after the community heavily-requested their inclusion. 

New rewards, features, and challenges are now available for subscribers to Dota 2’s premium service, highlighted by the addition of the Avoid Player option and a customizable chat wheel. 

Lion, Slardar, and Crystal Maiden are all getting some love with new item sets in the rewards section. This goes along with the new quests that have been added for ranked season four. 

The new ranked quests aren’t the only challenges being added, either. There will be dozens of new hero quests for players to complete and earn more shards. And as a bonus, support players in ranked matchmaking can earn more shards just for helping their teammates. 

The Avoid Player option has been a heavily-requested feature that’s exclusive to Dota Plus. This option lets players to exclude unwanted teammates from all matchmaking pools they join, allowing more intimate control over your ranked experience. 

Creep Pull Timers and Ward Suggestions have been added to help players get precise feedback and tips on specific types of plays and damage can now be broken down by type in the overview. 

Friends and Foes has replaced the hero suggestions and the customizable chat wheel is now a permanent fixture in the game. The chat wheel sounds and other rewards from the Battle Pass are included as rewards for Dota Plus now. 

Valve also wants players to know that they only have two more weeks to collect items from this year’s Trove Carafe before it disappears. 
So far, the community seems pleased with the changes, but most players think that the Avoid Player option shouldn’t be locked behind the subscription since it’s an integral feature if you want to have the best Dota 2 experience.