Dota Pit details league format, direct invites for South American’s Dota Pro Circuit regional league

More details are slowly coming out for all of the different regions.

Image via OGA Dota Pit

Dota Pit, which will run the Dota Pro Circuit’s South American regional league, gave a full breakdown on what players can expect to see in the coming weeks. 

Four teams have already received direct invites to the region’s Upper Bracket, and none of them are particularly surprising. Thunder Predator and beastcoast have been the two best teams in SA all year, and both will be among the favorites to earn at least one of the two Major slots that SA will have for the first season.

Infamous isn’t the most flashy team, but the team has shown flashes at tournaments like Realms Collide: The Burning Darkness, where they placed second behind Quincy Crew. The final team to receive a direct invite is SG e-sports, an organization that re-entered Dota 2 by signing the former Team Brasil last month. 

Just like in SEA, an additional eight teams will be directly invited to a closed qualifier where the top four finishers will all earn a spot in that Upper Division. Dota Pit have not announced those teams yet, but it will before the qualifier begins on Jan. 4. 

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The four teams from the first stage of qualifiers will be combined with eight teams from a set of open qualifiers to compete for a chance to play in the Lower Division. The teams will be split into two groups of six, with four teams from each group being named to the Lower Division league, while the remaining four will be eliminated. 

As Valve explained in the larger breakdown for the entire 2021 DPC, SA will see the top two teams from the Upper Division league earn a spot at the first Major on March 25. The open qualifiers begin on Jan. 4, with the first stage of the closed qualifiers also beginning on the same day, leading up to the regional league’s actually kicking off on Jan. 18.