Dota 2 update removes Sange stacking

Huskar can't abuse multiple Sanges anymore.

Image via Valve

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A recent Dota 2 update has fixed a bug with upgraded amplifications. It was mostly to combat the new Sange’s effect.

The new Outlanders update removed Sange’s old Maim ability, which slowed enemies on hit, and replaced it with a health regeneration amplification effect. The amp stacked additively, resulting in unintentionally absurd percentages.

The Sange health regen change was noted particularly by Huskar players, whose innate Berserker’s Blood is a passive health regen skill that scales higher based on how low his health gets. This gave rise to a multiple Heaven’s Halberd build that rendered Huskar almost impervious to physical damage and provided regeneration numbers so high that most nukes couldn’t push through.

It resulted in a disproportionately high win rate in Immortal-level pubs, where Huskar enjoyed a win rate of over 60 percent.

The update also fixed the amplification component of Holy Locket, which now builds up from a Magic Wand. It also brought back Visage’s previous Stone Form helper ability,