Dota 2 spectator bug seemingly fixed for ONE Esports Singapore Major day 2

No, it wasn't your internet.

Image via Valve

The ONE Esports Singapore Major only just began, but viewers watching the Dota 2 matches from home quickly encountered several issues with both the main stream’s production and the co-streaming guidelines for the community.

One of these issues included frame drops and lag during the official broadcast, but it seems to have been fixed already.

If you watched any of the opening day matches live, you might have noticed lag occasionally slowing down footage on the broadcast. But don’t worry, that wasn’t your computer messing up or the internet cutting out. 

There were several periods of random lag that would pop up during a match, sometimes for longer than a minute, causing stuttering, frame drops, and total screen freezes while the commentators pressed on as if nothing was happening. This appeared to be an overarching problem with the Dota 2 client itself and not the broadcast team. 

Several players pointed out that if you’re in spectator mode and switch between heroes after a game has passed the 15 to 20-minute mark, the game might drop frames. 

Reports of this spectator issue poured in since the most recent update for the Dota client went live a few days ago with all of the new player experience changes. This resulted in FPS issues, audio problems, and even some instances of colors appearing incorrectly on screen for brief stints. 

This issue seemingly did not pop up during any of the day two matches, however. It appears the issue was addressed by Valve, or the broadcast team found a workaround ahead of the day.