Dota 2 ranked season 4 is live with matchmaking changes

Season 4 is live, but get ready for re-calibration month.

Photo via Valve

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Dota 2’s ranked season four is now live and Valve has implemented all of its matchmaking changes that were made a few days ago. 

The changes to the user interface and additions to the custom games menu are all being talked about in detail on Reddit, but here is a basic breakdown of some key additions made with the new content. 

User Interface

  • Reporting for lane misuse has become Reporting for role misuse in most areas
  • Each player’s selected role is displayed on post-game screens
  • More reporting options are available for role misuse on post-game screens
  • Added new icons to depict connection quality

Players had been complaining about the lane reporting buttons not making sense due to the new updated focus on roles. This just shows Valve truly is listening to what its users want as of late. 

The reporting buttons will also be fleshed out as the season goes along and Valve tunes the process. And updated displays for upcoming tournaments such as Midas Mode 2.0 are also included. 

Custom games

  • Region selection is actually available!
  • Lobby region is displayed in the game’s menu

This is super important and something many players have wanted for years. Now people can improve their connection to custom servers by selecting regions located in centralized positions to those players they are competing with. This is not a perfect solution, but at least the option is there now. 

Outside of the matchmaking system fixes that were implemented, those are the changes that users can actually see when they boot up the game now. There is probably a lot more, but these are the main talking points going around as of the release. 

A quick warning if you plan to jump in, there are some cases of extremely long queue times for players with high MMR. As reported by some viewers of pro player Jaron “monkeys-forever” Clinton, he spent over eight hours waiting for a game. 

But the good news is, a developer said Dota Plus subscribers will be getting new quests soon, along with one of the updates coming soon to the program. Happy re-calibration month, everyone.