Bounty suggestions for Midas Mode 2.0 are now open

Submit your ideas now to see the pros do some crazy stuff.

Screengrab via SirActionSlacks

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It is time for the Dota 2 community at large to get involved with one of the most exciting events of the year as Midas Mode 2.0 opened up its bounty suggestion thread earlier today. 

In a process that will take multiple days, Jake “SirActionSlacks” Kanner and other members of the event staff will be reviewing posts and picking which community bounties will be implemented into the tournament. The bounties are a way for fans to directly influence how the professionals have to play in multiple ways throughout the draft, in the main match, and any other generally creative ways. 

Starting from now until the end of Midas Mode, a new post will be made every day to take suggestions for what bounties should be added into the tournament. Fans will have until the end of each broadcast day to submit their ideas, with a fresh thread starting the next day.

Ten ideas will be implemented each day with every team getting a full list that they can try to complete throughout their matches. 

If a team completes one of the bounties during a series, it can’t be done again during that same contest. The challenges do reset after each series concludes, so once two new opponents face off they can start from the top again. 

Any bounty completed will reward teams with moonbucks which can be used to buy upgrades and hinder opponents. Teams that win a game will also have those bounty rewards doubled. 

After breaking down the rules, Slacks explained some of the best ways fans could format their ideas, including what they are looking for. 

“Make your bounty easy to quantify and observe, Slacks said. “We must award Moonbucks for the bounties completion, so we need to make sure we can know for sure that a bounty was completed both intentionally and completely.”

Bounties are one of the fundamental aspects that make Midas Mode so fun to watch, so give the thread a scroll and take a shot at making your own challenge. 

Midas Mode 2.0 will run from Sept. 24 to Oct. 2 with a completely stacked roster, including three different rosters that won The International.