A new Dota 2 postgame survey gives more options for player feedback

Could Valve be working on alternatives to the reporting issues?

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Image via Valve

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Valve is continuing its crusade against poor matchmaking experiences with the new addition of a postgame survey in Dota 2. This will let players give feedback on singular aspects that either helped or hindered the recently-finished match. 

Players will only be able to select one of the available 12 options once a match concludes, so there’s no opportunity for someone to spam all of the selections. This should make it easier for Valve to sort through data when the development team is looking for the next elements to focus on fixing. 

When the feedback menu pops up, it’ll ask if you enjoyed the game before giving you six options that are good and another six that are bad. 

AbsolutelyNot So Much
Good Team CoordinationPoor Team Coordination
Close GameGame Was A Stomp
Friendly TeammatesToxic Behavior
I Played WellWasn’t Able To Play My Hero
Good Hero ChoicesBad Draft
We Made A ComebackSmurf In The Game

All of these options are fairly straightforward, with the only confusing set being “We Made A Comeback” and “Smurf In The Game.” Both of those don’t seem to have a correlation with each other and the smurf selection really doesn’t fit since you might not be able to tell if you’re playing with or against a player who’s smurfing. 

Outside of providing Valve with another tool for matchmaking data collection, there isn’t much to say about this feature. It doesn’t look like it’ll impact behavior score or anything else on a player level, though that might change as time goes on. 

This will make players reflect on their matches overall rather than just focusing on poor interactions with teammates. That could lead to less reporting because those players might just use the “Poor Team Coordination” or “Toxic Behavior” options on the feedback menu instead. 

The feedback menu is now live for most users and will likely be available for everyone by the end of the week.