Mithrax, Drifter, and the Guardian pull together misfit crew to take down Eramis in Destiny 2’s Season of Plunder

Pirate lords, ancient relics, and an old foe hellbent on revenge.

Image via Bungie

With the threats levied by Calus in Season of the Haunted awaiting the Guardian in next year’s Lightfall expansion, Destiny 2’s story is setting its sights on another returning foe in Season of Plunder, live now on all platforms. Eramis has been unfrozen by a dark benefactor and now it’s up to the Guardian and their new crew to stop her from amassing a pirate fleet of her own.

After a number of consecutive seasons focused on the Vanguard characters and Crow’s journey, Season of Plunder instead puts many of the franchise’s lovable misfits front and center. The Drifter returns to the narrative as the Guardian’s guide into piracy, acting as a liaison through dealings with Spider, who has found himself a new home after his exile from the Tangled Shore. Mithrax and his daughter Eido serve as our allied Eliksni in this battle, representing the faction that has embraced the Light facing down Eramis’ pact with the Darkness.

With your own Ketch ship’s keys tossed over to you by the Drifter, the seasonal story focuses on the crew that you build and the missions that you take to whittle away Eramis’ power at the helm of this new Eliksni pirate threat. She has recruited a number of rebel Cabal as well, according to Bungie, who serve to bulk up her forces. Through three seasonal activities—Ketchcrash, Expedition and Pirate Hideout—players will have different paths to securing treasure and relics before Eramis can, as well as removing a number of pirate lords and key figures in her fleet.

While it isn’t clear why Eramis is building this fleet just yet, whether it’s in service of The Witness or a power grab that only serves her own interests, it’s clear enough that she has to be stopped before the Darkness is on Humanity’s doorstep and the Last City is overwhelmed by a multitude of enemy forces converging upon it.

Season of Plunder is live now on all platforms in Destiny 2 and will run through Dec. 6.