How to get the Herod-C Auto Rifle in Destiny 2

The Drifter’s got a nice new piece for you to hunt down.

Screengrab via Bungie

Gambit received a lot of love with the release of Destiny 2’s The Witch Queen expansion. More of the mechanics and consistency of the previously removed Gambit Prime mode have made their way into the regular Gambit playlist, including Primeval immunity phases, team-wide Heavy ammo drops, and nerfs to Invaders.

The Drifter has sweetened the pot with a new weapon too, in the form of the Herod-C Auto Rifle, which reintroduces Prime-style perks with the Invader Tracker origin trait. You can get the Herod-C Auto Rifle as a potential end-of-activity reward in the Gambit playlist.

The Invader Tracker origin trait currently unique to Herod-C channels the energy of Gambit Prime’s old Sentry class, where dealing damage to an enemy Invader will reveal them to your team. This makes communication with random teammates far easier and gives you the opportunity to take down the Invader before they can strike with the element of surprise. It’s also a Stasis weapon in the Kinetic slot, meaning it has the potential to roll with the Headstone perk and synergize with your Stasis subclass. Other potentially powerful rolls include One-For-All and Frenzy, great damage-boosting perks for a high-paced game such as Gambit.

Despite Drifter receiving reworks to his rewards, including the ability to focus Gambit Engrams into specific Gambit weapons and armor, the Herod-C Auto Rifle is not currently available to be focused into. While this may change later down the line, Herod-C can only be obtained through random drops at the end of Gambit games or from opening unfocused Gambit Engrams with Rahool in the Tower for now.