How to get Jurassic Green in Destiny 2’s Festival of the Lost

Whether you're looking for your first or a reroll.

Image via Bungie

Destiny 2‘s Festival of the Lost added the Jurassic Green Pulse Rifle to the game to match with this year’s dinosaur-themed armor for all classes. This Solar Pulse Rifle can come with a series of solid perks—including Dragonfly, Multikill Clip, Frenzy, and Subsistence—that make it a good addition to any guardian’s arsenal.

And if you’re looking for more than just function, the Jurassic Green is also one of the most unique-looking weapons in the game. Since it’s an event weapon, it can distance itself from the usual aesthetic in most Destiny 2 guns and embrace the horror that comes with the Halloween event. And it takes shaders fairly well, too, opening up a ton of avenues for customization.

How to get Jurassic Green in Destiny 2

Getting Jurassic Green is a fairly easy task. You’ll get a guaranteed copy of it by finishing the “Gone but not Forgotten” quest from Festival of the Lost. If that roll’s not to your liking, however, you can get more tries at getting the perfect roll—if you’re willing to grind for it, that is.

Jurassic Green can drop from the final chest in Haunted Sectors. You improve your chances by converting Spectral Pages into Manifest Pages, though, so be sure to bring some in when you’re going on the hunt for it.

Festival of the Lost only runs until Nov. 2, and Festival of the Lost weapons will rotate out of the game when the event ends. This sets a deadline for players who are looking to score more Jurassic Green rolls.