How to get Glacioclasm in Destiny 2’s the Dawning

High impact, high style.

Screengrab via Bungie

If you’re looking for a new High-Impact Fusion Rifle in Destiny 2, the Glacioclasm might spark your interest. This Dawning weapon has more than just a unique, festive theme; it also packs a punch.

Glacioclasm can roll with perks that are common in Destiny 2 but don’t appear as often in Fusion Rifles. This can create interesting combinations, as Surplus, Subsistence, and Slideshot can roll on the first column, paired with Reservoir Burst, High-Impact Reserves, Harmony, or Swashbuckler.

With so many different combinations on the line, odds are players won’t be satisfied with the first roll they get. Luckily for fans, Glacioclasm is farmable as long as the Dawning lasts, which gives players until Jan. 4 to snag their own copy of Glacioclasm.

How to get Glacioclasm in Destiny 2

Like other Dawning weapons, Glacioclasm drops from an item called A Gift in Return, which players receive by delivering cookies to several NPCs. Each Gift has a random chance of bringing a Dawning weapon, including Cold Front, Avalanche, Glacioclasm, or Zephyr—or even a world drop.

Players who don’t like those odds can focus the Gifts into Unity Gift Exchanges, which guarantee either a Glacioclasm or an Avalanche. While there’s still an element of RNG involved, the process significantly improves your odds, though it costs five Dawning Spirit per conversion. This will also consume your Gift.

Players who want to target-farm Dawning weapons will need a steady supply of Gifts and Dawning Spirit. This stocks up on cookies takes Dawning Essence. This relationship makes up the core loop of the Dawning, which rewards players regardless of activity.