Destiny 2’s Season of the Splicer will bring endless night, new Exotics, and a classic raid

The Vex are up to something.

Image via Bungie

Bungie revealed the first details for Destiny 2’s upcoming Season of the Splicer today. The new season will run between May 11 and Aug. 24 and will bring a new storyline, implement the Armor Synthesis system, add a new seasonal activity, and throw in a handful of new Exotics—including a Stasis Sidearm.

The season kicks off after a Vex simulation shrouds the Last City in an eternal night. Ikora and Osiris point the Guardian toward Mithrax, one of the last Sacred Splicers—Fallen who can commune with machines, according to Ikora. “Find him, Guardian, before the Vex do,” she says.

The alliance with Mithrax will bring about a series of changes to the HELM and will add two new activities: Override, a six-man matchmade mission to hack the Vex Network, and Expunge, a weekly pinnacle mission. The latter is locked behind the Season Pass, but the former will be available as a “Free Trial” activity, according to Bungie.

New gear: Stasis Sidearm, Class Exotics, and “new and reprised” Legendaries

Image via Bungie

The season’s exotic weapon is the Cryosthesia 77k, a Stasis Sidearm that was a gift from Mithrax. Based on the trailer, it appears to have an alternate firing mode that charges up a Stasis blast and freezes enemies. As the seasonal Exotic, it’ll be available for all players once they reach level 35 of the season pass. Premium users, however, will get it upon purchasing.

In addition to the Cryosthesia 77k, each class is getting new Exotic leg armor. The Star-Eater Scales lets Hunters “feast on Orbs of Powers,” which charges their Supers more quickly and makes them “more potent.” Titans will get The Path of Burning Steps, which converts Solar kills into bonus damage and “makes them more difficult to lock down with Stasis” (an instant favorite for PvP). Warlocks will get the Boots of the Assembler, which turns their Healing or Empowering Rift into a projectile that seeks out allies.

But not all the new weapons will be Exotics. Bungie will bring “over 30 new and reprised Legendary weapons” during Season of the Splicer so that Guardians can take down the Vex network, according to its website.

Universal Ornaments

Image via Bungie

The updated page offered a glimpse into the new set of Universal Ornaments for all classes and will let the Guardians take on an Eliksni-inspired look. The full sets will be available through the season pass.

Vault of Glass

Image via Bungie

The Vault of Glass is coming from the original Destiny all the way into the sequel. Starting on May 22, all Guardians will be able to enter the Vault and go against Atheon, Time’s Conflux. The Vault of Glass is a free raid that will be available to all players, regardless of season status.

With a new raid comes a new race to World First, but getting there will be slightly different in Vault of Glass. Contest mode will be active for the first 24 hours of the raid. After the first clear, a set of Triumphs called Tempo’s Edge will become available. The first team to check the list will be World First.