Bungie to vault Tangled Shore and Forsaken campaign when Witch Queen releases, spares Dreaming City

The Dreaming City, Last Wish, and Shattered Throne are safe.

Image via Bungie

Bungie will vault Destiny 2’s Tangled Shore and the Forsaken campaign when Witch Queen is released on Feb. 22, 2022, according to a recent blog post. The Dreaming City will escape the ax, at least for the time being, keeping both the Last Wish raid and the Shattered Throne dungeon in the game.

The release of Witch Queen will send the Forsaken campaign and the Tangled Shore to the Destiny Content Vault (DCV). Master Rahool will take over Spider’s duties of selling goods and destination materials, while Warden of Nothing will remain in the game despite taking place in the Tangled Shore.

To let all players experience Forsaken before it moves to the DCV indefinitely, Bungie will make the campaign free for all players between Dec. 7 and Feb. 22, 2022. At the same time, the company will release the Forsaken Pack, granting access to Last Wish, Shattered Throne, and “access to all of the Forsaken Exotics.”

Players will also get three Forsaken Ciphers to instantly unlock most Exotics from the Exotic Kiosk in the Tower, with the exception of One Thousand Voices and Wish-Ender. Those who already have Forsaken will receive the pack instantly. And if they already own all Forsaken Exotic weapons, the new Ciphers will turn into Ascendant Shards instead.

Lastly, most year four seasonal content will also cycle out when Witch Queen is released, as expected. The Proving Ground Strike, set on Nessus, will escape the vault, and the Battlegrounds activity will move to a new pool called “Vanguard Operations,” which will be free for all players.

The DCV was a measure to make Destiny 2 more efficient to maintain by gutting less popular destinations, campaigns, and strikes. The size of the game stressed hard drive capacity and “pushed the limits of patching capability,” Bungie said at the time, increasing the time to generate a stable update to “days instead of hours.” The measure took out The Leviathan, Io, Mars, Titan, and Mercury from the game.