Bungie removes Destiny 2’s text chat following game-breaking exploit

Just a whisper could kill you.

Image via Bungie

Bungie has shut the Destiny 2 text chat down after players weaponized the feature. Crafty Guardians were able to crash another player’s game through the whisper function of the text chat, leading to many issues.

Any Destiny 2 player could whisper a text string to another player, causing the receiving player’s game to crash. The following are two lines from the four-line string.

A set of strict rules had to be followed by players to combat this. Among these measures were turning off whispers, leaving their clans, and avoiding chat areas that allowed local or team chats. Essentially, players were hiding and waiting for the storm to pass.

In the end, Bungie caught wind of the situation and informed Destiny 2 players they would investigate it. Bungie tweeted a few minutes later that they would shut down the text chat entirely until a fix was found.

Players couldn’t be left to fend for themselves throughout the weekend with the text chat system weaponized by more players. This highlighted the seriousness of the situation. All platforms are affected by the elimination of text-based chat.

Since it crashes the game of the person who sent it, there is no real benefit to using the string of characters.

Sending it is easy and only takes a few seconds, as shown in the tweet below.

If Bungie finds out who is sending out whispers and purposefully breaking the game to troll, you may be liable for some sort of ban. It may be very easy to be found out since Destiny 2 chat logs are likely to be recorded.