Are grenade launchers still bugged in Destiny 2?

Broken, busted, and bugged.

Season of Plunder - Destiny 2
Image via Bungie

When Season of Plunder went live in Destiny 2 on Aug. 23, many players soon noticed that heavy grenade launchers were dealing incredibly high damage.

Players looking to use specific grenade launchers like the Anarchy exotic heavy grenade launcher in the King’s Fall World First race were met with some disappointment when Bungie revealed that launchers were bugged and needed to be disabled.

The move to disable the heavy GLs was quick, just a day after the update went live for the new season. Players who logged on to the game were met with their heavy grenade launchers featuring a grayed-out appearance in their inventory. If equipped, only two weapons were useable in gameplay.

“Due to heavy grenade launchers doing more damage than intended, all non-sunset heavy grenade Launchers have been disabled, excluding Salvation’s Grip, Parasite, uncommon rarity heavy grenade launchers,” Bungie said on Aug. 24.

As of Aug. 29, grenade launchers are still disabled in Destiny 2. There’s been no timetable revealed about when to expect them to become available again, but at the very least, Sept. 1’s This Week at Bungie blog post should have some more information about the bug and when to expect a fix for it.

For the World First race in King’s Fall, many players used rocket launchers or linear fusion rifles in their Power weapon slot, so grenade launchers weren’t missed too much. Players likely were only going to use them in the competition since they were dealing so much damage inadvertently, however.

Fixes for an issue like this usually are pretty quick and can be done with a server-side hotfix, so there might not even be an update for players to download. For now, it’s all up in the air and players will need to find different Power weapons to use in Destiny 2 for the time being.