When is Chucky coming to Dead by Daylight?

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Chucky in Dead by Daylight
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The most exciting part for any Dead by Daylight fan is the announcement of a new Killer and we have been giving a massive Horror Icon in Child’s Play Chucky on Nov. 8.

The world of Dead by Daylight is already gushing with big horror icons like Freddy Krugar, the Xenomorph from Aliens, Ghost Face from Scream, and a host of other colorful characters so Chucky’s inclusion feels more like a great fit into the world.

Still, with his reveal on Nov. 8, one question is on the mind of everyone— when will he be released?

When will Chucky be released in Dead by Daylight?

Chucky is scheduled to be released on Tuesday, Nov. 28. This gives fans a few short weeks before they can get their hands on the toy killer.

Chucky is already special in a lot of ways as a Killer character, with his size the most noticeable. Being a small doll, players will need to be extra careful when looking out for the Killer to make sure they don’t accidentally miss him.

Alongside Chucky, an alternative costume will also be available on the day of release called the Good Gal Outfit which is modeled after Tiffany Valentine, aka. the Bride of Chucky, for those who want to purchase it.

Prices for both Chucky and his skins have yet to be confirmed, but we expect they will be around $15 as many other premium killers in the game have cost.

If you’re a slasher fan then this addition on Nov. 28 is the perfect time to get back into Dead by Daylight as Chucky’s reign begins.


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