Twitch will soon offer limited-time discounts when viewers initially subscribe to partners and affiliates

Streamers will still get the full amount.

Image via Twitch

Twitch is looking to implement new ways to encourage viewers to subscribe to their favorite partners and affiliates on this streaming platform.

Twitch plans to release a new incentive to get streams more subscribers by halving the cost of the first month for any new sub. This will apply to partners and affiliates, as well as all three subscription tiers$4.99, $9.99, and $24.99according to Twitch.

Depending on streamers’ individual deals with Twitch, subscription money is usually split in half. So if you pay your favorite streamer $5, they keep $2.50 of that subscription money.

With this new offer, however, the streamer will get the full amount regardless of the price paid.

Twitch plans to release this offer sometime in September after PAX West, a gaming exhibition held in Seattle, Washington between Sept. 2 to 5. There currently isn’t any news on how long this limited-time offer will be available.

Twitch hopes that the discount will welcome more first-time subscribers to various communities and streamers, and encourage veteran subscribers to branch out and use the limited-time availability to their advantage.

And some Twitch viewers hope that this “limited-time” offer can become a staple in the future.