SGDQ 2017 is nearly over, but there’s still a lot to look forward to

Dark Souls is leading the charge toward the end.

Image via Nintendo

SGDQ 2017 will be ending in just a few short hours, but the marathon has saved some of the best speedruns for last.

A Dark Souls block is currently taking place at the event, with Dark Souls and Dark Souls III putting speedrunners through their paces to combat the demons of the world.

Legendary speedrunner Allan “Cheese05” Alvarez will be speedrunning Super Mario 64, a game that Cheese holds multiple world records in, including the any percent record that he broke last month.

Zelda speedruns aren’t uncommon at GDQs, with five different games set to appear at SGDQ this year alone. Majora’s Mask will return to GDQ after its year long absence, with Trevperson attempting to collect all of the masks in the game before his final fight with Majora.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was just added to the schedule in the past few hours. The any percent speedrun was funded through donations by the community. GamesDoneQuick tasked viewers to donate $100,000 dollars to see the speedrun played at SGDQ—and they delivered.

The last game of the event with be Earthbound, a game with great music, memorable characters, and great humor. It’s the perfect game to end the week-long event on. An insane amount of dedication has gone into this speedrun category and fans of the game will be happy to see it signing SGDQ off at the end of a thrilling week.