27 August 2014 - 00:02

Introducing the Leaderboard, your one-stop shop for all things esports

Esports fans, we know it's a news desert out there for you
Dot Esports
Screengrab via Rooster Teeth/YouTube

Esports fans, we know it's a news desert out there for you. There are tens of millions of you who love watching pro gaming—32 million of you watched the League of Legends world championships last year. But despite that, TV news hardly pays esports a spare glance (a 30-minute Dota 2 feature on ESPN doesn't exactly cut it).

Well, forget TV. 

We launched the esports section at the Daily Dot to help fill a void in esports journalism. Well, we want to do the same thing when it comes to video news. We're partnering with industry pioneers Rooster Teeth—you know, the folks who helped establish an entire genre of gaming entertainment—to produce a weekly esports news show. It's called The Know It All: Leaderboard. And it's your one-stop shop for all the must-know esports headlines of the week. 

In our first episode, host Jon Risinger, Meg Turney, and our own Jared Wynne tackle Counter Logic Gaming's Korean bootcamp, the biggest Team Fortress 2 tournament of the year, and more. Check it out below.

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