1,000 Dreams Fund to award grants to women streaming on Twitch

The national non-profit will also hold a charity event in March.

Nicole Carpenter  -  a day ago

Fortnite streamer Ninja reportedly breaks Twitch subscriber record with more than 50,000 subs

With that subscriber count, Ninja makes at least $125,000 a month.
Nicole Carpenter - 2 days ago - Culture

Twitch delays new harassment guidelines until March 5

The new rules have proved controversial.
Callum Leslie - 5 days ago - Culture

Phantoml0rd suing Twitch over 2016 channel ban

The content creator believes the ban breached his partnership agreement with Twitch.
Callum Leslie - 5 days ago - Culture

Two Zelda speedrun world records fell in a matter of hours

The previous holders both improved on their times.
Adam Newell - 11 days ago - Culture

Video capture service Oddshot is shutting down

Ad-block killed the service, the company said.
Nicole Carpenter - 15 days ago - Culture

Cheese shaves 8 seconds off his Super Mario 64 world record

He almost became the first speedrunner to break the 1:38 mark, too.
Justin Binkowski - 15 days ago - Culture

Twitch is strengthening its stance on harassment in latest community guidelines update

Conduct deemed hateful by Twitch will result in an immediate "indefinite" suspension.
Nicole Carpenter - 16 days ago - Culture

Twitch releases a comic book to celebrate its past year

Twitch's 2017 Retrospective is here.
Nicole Carpenter - 18 days ago - Culture