WESG 2017 Group Stage Recap, Spoiler: It’s Exactly What You Expected

The second day of WESG comes to a close, with the groups being finalized and the playoff bracket set in expected fashion.

The second day of play at WESG 2017 has come to a close, with the final standings of the groups set in stone, along with the playoff bracket. A summary of all the games and who is in the playoff bracket can be found below.

Group A

EnVyUs beats .Russia 2-0 winning Cobblestone 16-9 and Train 16-7

Virtus.pro beats Team One 2-0 winning Cobblestone 16-8 and Mirage 16-13

Epsilon beats subtLe 2-0 winning Cobblestone 16-12 and Dust II 16-3

.Russia and Epsilon tie 1-1 with Epsilon winning Nuke 16-7 and Epsilon winning Cobblestone 16-6

Virtus.pro and EnVyUs tie 1-1 with Virtus.pro winning Nuke 16-7 and EnVyUs winning Cache 16-11

Team One beats subtLe 2-0 winning Mirage 19-15 and Cobblestone 16-9

.Russia beats subtLe 2-0 winning Cache 16-14 and Train 16-3.

Virtus.pro beats Epsilon 2-0 winning Mirage 16-9 and Overpass 16-8. Epsilon and Virtus.pro advance to the Round of 12.

EnVyUs beats Team One 2-0 winning Dust II 16-4 and Mirage 16-2. EnVyUs advance to the Round of 8.

Group B

Vici beats VAULT 2-0 winning Overpass 16-10 and Cobblestone 16-11

k23 beats ENZO 2-0 winning Mirage 16-6 and Overpass 16-6

iGame beats rEAK 2-0 winning Cache 16-3 and Dust II 16-9

k23 beats VAULT 2-0 winning Mirage 16-11 and Cache 16-7

iGame beats ENZO 2-0 winning Train 16-5 and Cache 16-11

Vici beats rEAK 2-0 winning Dust II 19-17 and Overpass 16-10

Vici and ENZO tie 1-1 with Vici winning Cache 16-9 and ENZO winning Overpass 16-8. Vici Gaming advances to the Round of 12.

k23 and iGame tie 1-1 with k23 winning Dust II 16-11 and iGame winning Cache 16-6. k23 advances to the Round of 12, iGame advances to the Round of 8.

rEAK and VAULT tie 1-1 with rEAK winning Cache 16-6 and VAULT winning Train 16-9.

Group C

Team Kinguin beat Bravado 2-0 winning Cache 16-8 and Train 16-10

Space Soldiers beat Five eSports 2-0 winning Dust II 16-1 and Mirage 16-4. Space Soldiers advance to the Round of 12.

Bravado beats Five eSports 2-0 winning Train 16-7 and Cache 16-10

Team Kinguin beats Team Signature 2-0 winning Overpass 16-6 and Cache 16-0. Team Kinguin advances to the Round of 8, Signature advances to the Round of 12.

Group D

.Ukraine beats Tyloo 2-0 winning Mirage 19-17 and Cache 16-8

Quetzal beat Selfless 2-0 winning Dust II 16-5 and Overpass ??

Dark Passage beat JYP Gaming 2-0 winning Cobblestone 16-3 and Mirage 16-9

Selfless and Dark Passage tie 1-1 with Dark Passage winning Cobblestone 16-6 and Selfless winning Cache 16-11. Dark Passage advances to the Round of 8, Selfless advance to the Round of 12.

.Ukraine beat Quetzal 2-0 winning Overpass 16-8 and Mirage 16-5.

Tyloo beats JYP Gaming 2-0 winning Mirage 16-9 and Dust II 16-4. Tyloo advances to the Round of 12.


Initial round-of-12 matches, followed by round-of-eight matches:

Tyloo vs. Signature, with the winner facing EnVyUs.

Space Soldiers vs. Selfless, with the winner facing iGame.

Vici Gaming vs. Epsilon, with the winner facing Team Kinguin.

Virtus.pro vs. k23, with the winner facing Dark Passage.

There are several notable teams included in the playoffs, such as Signature Gaming, who is the first team from Taiwan to ever make it out of groups at an international LAN, and k23, who is an all-Khazikstani team and represents the vast majority of the Tengri lineup. In the group of death, .Russia was the team who fell out of the top contenders in an unfortunate, but expected, fashion, as the top European sides Virtus.pro, EnVyUs and Epsilon all made it out. Space Soldiers and Team Kinguin also found their way into the playoffs after a dominating performance in Group C with the the absence of GODSENT.

Written by Max Melit – who can be found on Twitter @max_melit or via email [email protected].