Web developers create new website to find ideal CS:GO teammates for competitive play

Players can choose players based off of certain factors like availability, skill, and ambition.

Image via Valve

If you’ve ever gone through the painstaking task of trying to find some good teammates in Counter-Strike, then fret no more. Three CS:GO fans have created a website where players can search and contact teammates based off of data-driven results. The best part about it? It’s completely free.

The website is called TEAMS and it has players answer a series of questions that will help them better connect and pair up with like-minded teammates with similar priorities. It will also help people find others who have schedules that overlap and match, so that they can make sure to play at the same time.

Image via TEAMS.gg

TEAMS also has FACEIT, ESEA, Steam Stats & Discord integrated within so once you find someone you want to play with, you can contact them immediately and start playing. Don’t worry about communication either—you can also specify your region and preferred language in your settings.

Not every player wants to find really intense, competitive teammates, and that’s okay, too. If someone specifies that they want a more casual, fun experience, they can put that answer in and the system will recommend them teammates that also want to relax and enjoy the game.

This website is a great way to prevent tilt by matching up with unsuitable teammates while also saving players a ton of time by presenting them with players that are directly connected to the preferences they’ve given. Hopefully for CS:GO fans, TEAMS can help improve your matchmaking experience and ultimately, help you win more of your games.