Virtus Pro reach EPICENTER grand finals

This will be Virtus Pro's first grand final appearance in eight months.

Virtus Pro has reached the EPICENTER season two grand finals, after defeating French superteam G2 Esports.

The victory comes only two days after the Polish roster eliminated tournament favorites FaZe Clan in the group stage. This also marks Virtus Pro’s first grand finals appearance in roughly eight months.

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The semifinal series against G2 Esports began on Cache, and saw Virtus Pro take down the Frenchmen 16-9. Throughout the game, G2 Esports couldn’t gain much ground against Virtus Pro, who deprived the Frenchmen from building up a solid economy.

Reeling from the loss on Cache, G2 Esports came back on the second map, Nuke—but only by the slightest of margins. All-star performances from G2 Esports’ Richard “shox” Papillon and Kenny “KennyS” Schrub shut down Virtus Pro consistently in the initial rounds of Nuke, but Virtus Pro eventually won several rounds in a row and made the scoreline a bit more even heading into the second half. The game proceeded in a similar fashion after the teams switched sides, but G2 eventually secured Nuke—tying the series 1-1.

The final game of the series took place on Inferno. Despite a dominant first half from Virtus Pro, G2 Esports began finding their footing on the Counter-Terrorist side, winning five rounds in a row. The lead Virtus Pro previously established, however, was enough of a springboard for the Polish team to comfortably close out the map—winning 16-10.

This means Virtus Pro will now fight SK Gaming in the $250,000 grand final at 9:30am CT—while G2 Esports takes on Astralis in the third-place match at 5:30am CT.