Valve added red dots to Vertigo to help players throw a smoke

The newest version of Vertigo got a helpful update.

Image via [Valve] (

The updated version of Vertigo was released last night in CS:GO’s post-Major gameplay update. This introduced a smoke throw that was made easier after Valve implemented helpful red dots.  

To find this dot and throw the smoke, players have to navigate to the entry of the B bombsite from the Terrorist spawn. Then, players need to walk toward the left side of the entrance and there will be a small red dot on the floor. Once players line up with the red dot, aim at the second red dot in the window and throw your grenade.

This smoke is extremely efficient and one of the most useful throws on the map since it negates any pressure from the boost position that overlaps between Middle and the B bombsite. It blocks the entirety of the position just in time for a B rush. 

Although these new red dots aren’t on any other map in the Active Duty map pool, this implementation attempts to make Vertigo easier to play. Since utility is extremely important in CS:GO, helpful tips will be welcomed by new players or those who are unfamiliar with smoke throws on the updated version of Vertigo. 

Some players have suggested that this addition could be Valve’s way of making the memorization of lining up grenades obsolete. But since Vertigo is a relatively new map and it’s recently been updated, Valve is most likely trying to help players adjust to the newest version.