Trainwrecks defies the odds, gets 2 pairs of CS:GO gloves and 2 knives in one stream

He didn't get one item of yellow rarity, he got four.

Screengrab via Trainwrecks

Twitch streamer Trainwrecks could be the luckiest CS:GO streamer after he unboxed two pairs of gloves in only 12 cases and two knives in the same stream earlier today.

Trainwrecks opened several CS:GO cases, which are random loot boxes that can drop exceedingly rare items like gloves or knives depending on the case, on stream today. These items can be sold for high prices on the Steam or third-party markets since they’re seen as in-game collectibles.

Gloves and knives in CS:GO are the rarest items available, displayed by the yellow icon. In every case, there’s around a 0.26 percent chance to obtain an item worth yellow rarity, and even then, the chance of receiving a high-value skin with an adequate exterior is rare. 

But Trainwrecks obtained the Driver Gloves Crimson Weave (Minimal Wear) and Sport Gloves Amphibious (Field Tested) in 12 cases. This increased Trainwrecks’ CS:GO inventory value by $1,500 just from these items alone. With the added pulls of the Skeleton Knife Safari Mesh and M9 Bayonet Blue Steel, this tally only got higher. 

This isn’t the first time that Trainwrecks has had luck on his side while opening CS:GO cases, though. In September, Trainwrecks opened a CS:GO case and obtained an M9 Marble Fade, an exceedingly rare and sought-after knife. But he then opened another pair of gloves in the same sitting.

It’s safe to say that Trainwrecks has a hefty inventory.