Train deflects Guardian’s AWP shot, saving Fer’s life in ESL Pro League match

Guardian has been "CS:GO'd."

Photo via DreamHack

It looks like Natus Vincere’s primary AWPer was “CS:GO’d” during a matchup against MIBR at the ESL Pro League finals earlier today. 

In round 22, Na’Vi player Ladislav “GuardiaN” Kovács entered the T-main position on Train and scoped toward the sandwich area, where MIBR player Fernando “fer” Alvarenga was holding. As fer’s leg started to show, GuardiaN aimed and fired. But he missed, even though his crosshair was picture perfect. 

The Ukrainian AWPer didn’t have the best start to his match with only 10 kills to his name. But teammates Denis “electronic” Sharipov, Egor “flamie” Vasilyev, and Aleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev picked up the slack, finishing with over 20 kills each.

This AWPing location on Train is notorious for saving players’ lives, however. Although the cause of this problem is unknown, it likely involved the textures of the train itself, rather than an issue with GuardiaN’s AWPing prowess. 

Similarly, this issue likely doesn’t revolve around the player models. Previously, Terrorists could peek over the ladder in T-main on Train without being shot due to the poor hitboxes. But in September 2015, Valve made an effort to fix character hitboxes. The update introduced a new animation system to circumvent the hitbox issue, which has worked well—for the most part. 

This miss didn’t have a big impact on the game, however. Na’Vi finished the series with a 2-0 victory over MIBR after winning Train 16-9.