The match of the StarLadder Berlin Major: Astralis vs. Team Liquid

The two titans will clash once more.

Photo via StarLadder

Two of the best CS:GO teams in the world will be going head-to-head in a quarterfinal matchup at the StarLadder Berlin Major tomorrow.

Team Liquid are the best team in North America and they’ve overtaken Astralis as the top squad in the world. The North Americans have convincingly won the last four tournaments they’ve attended, while Astralis haven’t won an event since BLAST Pro Series São Paulo in March. 

Liquid have been hindered by the player break prior to the Major, however. The North Americans lost to AVANGAR on Sept. 30, which marked the team’s first loss since June. In the New Legends Stage, they lost the North American derby to rivals NRG. But the team bounced back with two match wins against North and Mousesports. 

Liquid rarely lose best-of-three matchups, however. Their last loss in a best-of-three came five months ago at cs_summit4. And Astralis have already lost a best-of-three against NRG at the StarLadder Berlin Major. Therefore, the North Americans should have the edge if the game goes to a third map. 

Although Astralis have been struggling, they’re still one of the best teams in the world and are capable of beating Liquid. Astralis have beaten Liquid in the past, but these victories tend to come in best-of-one games. The Danes will have to use their momentum and deflate the North Americans if they want to win this match. 

The map veto could be the most crucial factor in deciding the victor of this matchup. Both teams have struggled on their favorite maps, but the veto will most likely go in favor of Liquid due to their deeper pool and fragging ability. 

Although Liquid are a great Inferno team, Astralis tend to favor that map. Picking Inferno could give Astralis one of their best chances to push the series to a final map. The Danes could pick Vertigo, but the fraggers on Liquid could overrun Astralis. 

Liquid, on the other hand, could pick Overpass or Dust II, which they have the edge over Astralis on. 

This clash of the titans will be one of the best matches at the StarLadder Major. Both teams have had their weaknesses exposed, but Liquid are still the favorites considering their fragging power and deep map pool.

Liquid vs. Astralis will begin tomorrow (Sept. 6) at 11:30am CT.