ESL Barcelona CS:GO Invitational: Day 2 Recap

After an interesting day one, day two gives us broken alliances and fantastic matches, and here is everything you need to know.

The first game of the day, which was picked by Fnatic after they won against gBots yesterday, was x6tence vs.  G2.Kinguin . It became extremely clear that the gameplan was to phase out the weaker teams so the stronger teams could secure a better chance at winning the larger prize money.

Here is your day two recap:

x6tence vs. G2

  •         Map: Train
  •         Score: G2 wins 16-3 

EnVyUs  vs. gBots

  •         Map: Mirage
  •         Score: EnVyUs wins 16-4

G2 vs.  Vexed Gaming

  •         Map: Overpass
  •         Score: G2 wins 16-9 

Fnatic vs.  Dignitas

  •         Map: Cobblestone
  •         Score: Fnatic wins 19-17

EnVyUs vs.  Astralis

  •         Map: Mirage
  •         Score: Astralis wins 16-9 

Dignitas vs. Vexed

  •         Map: Cobblestone
  •         Score: Dignitas wins 16-5 

Astralis vs. G2

  •         Map: Dust 2
  •         Score: G2 wins 16-13 

Fnatic vs. EnVyUs

  •         Map: Train
  •         Score: Fnatic wins 16-7 

With these matches played out, here are the standings going into tomorrow:

  • Fnatic- 2 lives left
  • Team Dignitas- 2 lives left
  • Astralis- 2 lives left
  • G2- 2 lives left
  • EnVyUs- 0 lives left. Final placing 5th
  • Vexed Gaming- 0 lives left. Final placing 6th
  • gBots- 0 life left. Final placing 7th
  • x6tence- 0 lives left. Final placing 8th  

That being send, day three kicks off tomorrow morning with the Danish teams Astralis and Dignitas going face to face.

Do you think the Lurpak alliance (Dignitas and Astalis) will stick together or will there be a change of heart for one of the teams? Let us know in the comments below and make sure to follow our Twitter for more coverage on this event. – @eSportsNation