Team Kaliber Acquires Without a Roof

Team Kaliber has signed Without a Roof's roster.

Team Kaliber, an organizationknown for their Call of Duty team, has wandered into the sceneof Counter-Strike:Global Offensive onSaturday after signing Without a Roof’s roster.

Without a Roof previously wasunder the organization of Obey Alliance, but they parted ways withthem after a great showing in the North American ESEA Season 21Premier Division and a poor showing in the DreamHack Austin 2016Qualifier.

Without a Roof’s rosterrecently had a loss of Alec “Slemmy” White to Cloud 9, where Slemmyreplaced Ryan “fREAKAZOID” Abadir due to his recent departure. Kyle“OCEAN” O’Brien has moved up from the stand-in rosterof Without a Roof to the active roster of Team Kaliber. The onlyleague Team Kaliber’s new roster is in currently is theEsports Championship Series. They will also be attending ESEAPremier Season 21 North America Finals and MLG Regional MinorChampionship Americas.

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