Steel’s taser magically disappeared because of a glitch in CS:GO

The veteran couldn’t drop the taser to one of his unarmed teammates.

Photo via DreamHack

Josh “steel” Nissan faced an old CS:GO bug during his steam yesterday.

The Canadian player picked up the popular Zeus x27 taser and saved it for the next round so he could drop to one of his unarmed teammates. But the taser magically vanished from steel’s inventory at the start of the next round.

Steel posted the clip on his Twitter later and tagged the official CS:GO profile. Valve hasn’t answered him yet and most likely won’t since the company usually doesn’t publicly respond to criticism.

Some of steel’s fans actually discovered that this bug has been in the game since 2016. You’ll lose the Zeus x27 in the next round if you don’t have a pistol equipped at the end of the round. It happens because the taser gets replaced by the starting pistol, the USP or the Glock.

The Zeus x27 has been in CS:GO since 2012 and is a lethal gun if used at close distances. But you’ll probably die if you don’t kill your opponent since it takes a few seconds to switch back to your primary gun or pistol.

Regardless, steel reacted pretty calmly to the situation. The Canadian used to rage a lot and would’ve likely said some inappropriate words in the past.