Stanislaw becomes Team Liquid’s new in-game leader

The move comes roughly one week after the conclusion of the ELEAGUE Major.

Two of the most successful Counter-Strike: Global Offensive from North America are making roster changes.

Peter “stanislaw” Jarguz, former in-game leader for OpTic Gaming, has officially joined Team Liquid after spending more than a year in OpTic’s signature green uniform. The move came roughly one week after the conclusion of the ELEAGUE Major, where both Liquid and OpTic failed to advance past the tournament’s group stage.

For OpTic, this result in particular was far from what fans had come to expect of the North American squad, as the team enjoyed tremendous success towards the end of 2016. With a victory in the grand finals of the second season of ELEAGUE, as well as a second-place finish in the second season of the Esports Championship Series, OpTic were regarded as one of the favorites heading into the Major.

Liquid’s press release didn’t mention which player on the team’s current roster he would be replacing. But Slingshot Esports reported on Feb. 1 that Spencer “HiKo” Martin will not be competing for Team Liquid in the future. This was subsequently backed up by a since-deleted Tweet from Team Liquid rifler Nicholas “nitr0” Cannella.

HiKo, who spent close to one-and-a-half years with Liquid, hasn’t officially made any moves, though some speculate he’ll essentially swap places with stanislaw and join OpTic.