14 November 2017 - 22:55

Stanislaw reveals that arguments led to him being benched from Team Liquid

The former in-game leader explains his side of the story.
Photo via Epic Esports Events

After being replaced by Lucas "steel" Lopes on Team Liquid yesterday, Peter "stanislaw" Jarguz took to Twitter today to give his version of what happened to the team.

The biggest problem facing Liquid prior to stanislaw’s move to the bench had to do with the team’s leadership. In February, he became in-game leader primarily to fix Liquid’s issues, but regardless of the team’s playstyles and individually-changing roles, they still struggled. At the same time, stanislaw’s biggest obstacle as a player and leader on Liquid seemed to be his constant disagreements with coach Wilton “zews” Prado about mistakes.

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“Throughout my whole time on Liquid, I felt like I was really the only one who disagreed with Zews on his ideas and the way he wanted to run things,” stanislaw said on Twitter. “I feel that I was setup to fail from the very start. I was brought into Team Liquid to be a leader, but I believe that they already had a leader in Zews.”

Recently, stanislaw felt the team chemistry changing drastically, as his arguments with Zews continued to escalate. “[Zews] told me how I am unable to take criticism and how I am always negative. This did not sit well with me because one of my strong traits is the ability to always improve and take criticism,” he continued. “I truly believe Zews' intentions are good, and he is a coach with great passion, but at the end of the day we are just fundamentally two different types of leaders.”

In the months following the August player break, Liquid started off well at ESG Mykonos (top-four) and ESL One New York (second place), but their placings declined at the ELEAGUE CS:GO Premier and EPICENTER, where they came in last at both events. Under stanislaw’s leadership, the team’s best performances were at the ESL Pro League season five finals in June and at ESL One New York in September.

“I should have worked things out with Zews before they got this bad, but I allowed it to continue and ruin the atmosphere in the team. I'm disappointed to be leaving but I am also happy to be able to start fresh and move on,” stanislaw concluded.

Stanislaw now resides on Team Liquid’s bench, awaiting a possible transfer buyout from teams looking to field an in-game leader.

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