Astralis vs. SK headlines the day 2 matches at the PGL Major

The unstoppable Brazilians will play the immovable Danes in Krakow, Poland.

Photo via ELEAGUE

Day one of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive group stage action in Krakow, Poland has concluded, and the matchups for day two are set in stone.

Gambit, Fnatic, Virtus Pro, SK Gaming, BIG, Cloud9, G2 Esports, and Astralis emerged victorious in today’s matches, putting them in the swiss round two high matches. The eight teams who will compete in the swiss round two low matches are mousesports, FlipSid3 Tactics, Vega Squadron, Penta Sports, FaZe Clan, North, Natus Vincere, and Immortals.

The scores for today’s matches are also listed.

Gambit 16-10 Mouz

Fnatic 16-12 FlipSid3

VP 16-2 Vega

SK 16-13 Penta

BIG 16-8 FaZe

C9 16-12 North

G2 16-14 Na’Vi

Astralis 19-17 IMT

The swiss format matchups for day two are listed below. When teams have completed their matches for the day, they will be randomly paired in accordance with the swiss format with other teams of the same record for the following day’s best-of-one games.

0-1 low matches

5am ET: Penta Sports vs. North

6:30am ET: mousesports vs. FaZe Clan

8am ET: FlipSid3 Tactics vs. Natus Vincere

9:30am ET: Immortals vs. Vega Squadron

1-0 high matches

11:00am ET: BIG vs. Cloud9

12:30pm ET: Gambit Esports vs. G2 Esports

2pm ET: SK Gaming vs. Astralis

3:30pm ET: Virtus Pro vs. Fnatic

Competition will intensify tomorrow as teams approach elimination and advancement matches from the group stage at the $1 million PGL Major.