Olofmeister’s return to Counter-Strike results in impressive wins for Fnatic

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has its fair share of stars

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has its fair share of stars. Many of the game’s greatest have even made appearances in the ELEAGUE studios throughout the season. 

But no player has captivated the attention of CS:GO enthusiasts more than Olof “olofmeister” Kajbjer—who, on the eve of his comeback following his bout with injury, once again exuded his dominant presence on the virtual battlefield together with Fnatic.

Having been out of commission for the past two months, it’s safe to say that hardly anybody was certain what form the world’s best player would be in during the opening day of ELEAGUE’s Group D. But Kajbjer delivered and led his team to some impressive wins. 

At first, it seemed as if Kajbjer would have to take his time before he’d show off a vintage performance, as Fnatic’s opening game against TSM on Cache ended with a 16-13 scoreline in favor of the Swedes.

That seemed to be all the warmup Kajbjer and Fnatic needed, as the three-time Valve major champions took down TSM with a dominant 16-3 finish on the second map Cache, ending the series with two straight victories.

Despite the impressive comeback of Kajbjer, a victory for Fnatic was all but guaranteed given the team’s opposition. The real test of the night would be against FaZe Clan, whose reputation as an “all-star retirement home” is looking like a thing of the past. Their opening series of the night against Team Dignitas was an absolute beatdown with FaZe losing only 11 rounds against the Danes throughout the entire series.

To add insult to injury, former Team Dignitas star and current ace of FaZe, Philip “aizy” Aistrup delivered a jaw-dropping 31 frags against his former teammates on the series opener Cobblestone. If it hadn’t been for Kajbjer’s return to professional CS:GO, aizy would’ve been the story of the night.

Or so everyone thought until the final match of the night when FaZe were completely demolished by Fnatic on Cobblestone. The Swedes managed to deliver the season’s second 16-0 victory, a shocking result given the Europeans’ display of power on the map just an hour earlier against Team Dignitas.

Even though Fnatic at this point were looking like their old selves, FaZe had the last laugh of the night, winning the second game of the best of two series on Mirage with a 16-8 scoreline. The contenders had to fight hard for it, however, as Fnatic continued to make the most out of any situation.

The initial stage of ELEAGUE’s Group D will conclude Wednesday, paving the way for the playoffs which will be beginning on June 16.