Nordavind places its entire CS:GO roster on the transfer list

The organization said it isn't leaving the scene and will be revealing its plans soon.

Image via Valve

Jesper “tenzki” Plougmann, Daniel Mertz, Kevin “HS” Tarn, Anton “supra” Tšernobai, and Sabit “mirbit” Coktasarwill no longer play for Nordavind.

The organization announced today they all have been benched and transfer listed on Aug. 1.

“We are not leaving the scene and will soon reveal our plans for the future,” Nordavind said. “Any inquiries about the roster moved to transfer list, can be directed to Stein Wilmann [the organization’s managing director].”

The five players were signed by Nordavind in February 2021, while the head coach Joshua “m1cks” Micks was brought in June. The international squad had middling results apart from a runners-up finish at the Elisa Invitational Spring in April, and Nordavind transfer-listed them after the team finished 9th-12th in ESEA Advanced Season 37 Europe. They missed the opportunity to qualify for ESEA Premier Season 38 or ESEA Premier Season 37 relegation stage.

Tenzki implied in a personal statement that they won’t keep playing together. “We all getting transfer-listed which means we are free to search for new opportunities,” tenzki said on Twitter. “We tried the best with what we had. Sadly it wasn’t meant to be for us. I wish mertz, HS, supra, mirbit, and m1cks all the best.”

With the CS:GO player summer break ending on Aug. 16, the old squad will still have some time to find a new home. As for Nordavind, the organization might have something already in the works. The Norwegians still have an academy roster, and we could see a couple of players being promoted to the main lineup.

Update Aug. 4 7:20am CT: Wilmann told HLTV that m1cks is going to stay in Nordavind.