MLG Columbus 2016 Major Qualifier: Day 1 Recap

The first day of the qualifier for $1,000,000 kicked off today, here is your day one recap.

As stated in the preview article, 16 teams will battle for eight spots in the major and a massive amount of money, here is how the matches played out:

Team Liquid VS HellRaisers

  • Map: Dust 2
  • Score: 22-20 HellRaisers win

Mousesports VS Team YP

  • Map: Cobblestone
  • Score: 16-1 Mousesports win

Flipsid3 Tactics VS Selfless Gaming

  • Map: Inferno
  • Score:16-13- Flipsid3 Tactics win

G2 eSports VS Tempo Storm

  • Map: Dust 2
  • Score: 16-13 G2 win

Team YP VS Team Liquid

  • Map: Overpass
  • Score: 16-2 Team Liquid win

HellRaisers VS Mousesports

  • Map: Mirage
  • Score: 19-15 Mousesports win

SK VS Vexed Gaming

  • Map: Train
  • Score: 16-10 Vexed win

Counter Logic Gaming VS Splyce

  • Map: Cache
  • Score: 16-14 Splyce won

Dignitas VS Renegades

  • Map: Inferno
  • Score: 16-9 Renegades win

Cloud9 VS Gambit Gaming

  • Map: Cache
  • Score: 16-9 Gambit Gaming win

That does it for day one, with Team YP already knocked out of the tournament and Mousesports securing the first spot, which team do you think will qualify for the major next? Let us know in the comments below. For recaps on the rest of weekend and more, make sure you follow us on Twitter –  @eSportsNation.