Members of the Louvre Agreement donate $125,000 to support those affected by Russian invasion of Ukraine

The teams are doing their bit.

Image via ESL

The members of the Louvre Agreement have pledged to donate $125,000 to disaster relief organizations supporting those affected by the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

“The amount raised will be donated to key disaster relief services including UNHCR, MSF, Amnesty International, and The Red Cross,” a statement shared by the commissioner of the ESL Pro League Alexander Inglot said.

The Louvre Agreement is an initiative that began in 2020. It was signed by ESL and some of the biggest organizations in the esports industry that are active in the CS:GO scene. G2 Esports, Astralis, FaZe Clan, or Natus Vincere are included. In 2022, the Louvre Agreement was extended to at least 2025.

The members of the covenant take part in ESL Pro League and are said to have an influence on the direction of ESL’s leagues.

This isn’t the only action the tournament organizer took following the Russian invasion of Ukraine. ESL announced that no Russian-based orgs would be allowed to participate in their events for the foreseeable future. Players for these teams, however, are allowed to play in ESL Pro League Season 15 under a neutral banner.