Japanese CS:GO pros use a creative 4-man boost on Overpass

Overpass is quite the map for overpowered boosts.

Image via Valve

Ignis lost to Absolute in the Galleria Global Challenge’s CS:GO grand finals today, but they pulled off an incredible four-man boost on Overpass during the second map of the series.

Ignis set the boost in the A bombsite and Ishikawa “hornet” Yuki had the perfect view to kill all of the enemies entering the B bombsite, but he only managed to kill one before getting eliminated.

Ignis won the round despite being far from retaking the B bombsite, but they lost the match 16-9.

This is the first time a pro team pulled off this boost, which is similar to the one used by Fnatic against LDLC at the DreamHack Winter Major in November 2014. Fnatic were behind 12-3 but made the comeback thanks to the boost.

The play became known as the “olofboost” since Olof “olofmeister” Kajbjer was the player on top of it. But DreamHack’s rulebook considered it pixel-walking and the match had to be replayed. The Swedish team refused to play it again and were eliminated by W.O.

Since Ignis didn’t win the match, there were no complaints about their creative four-man boost. But tournament organizers will likely forbid that play so other teams don’t take advantage of it in the future. Valve could fix it in the next CS:GO update, too.