Is Tuscan coming to CS:GO’s active map pool?

Will the fan-favorite map be played competitively?

Screengrab via Steam Workshop

For a long time, CS:GO players have been waiting for the addition of one of the most popular Counter-Strike maps, Tuscan, to the game. And with the Aug. 16 update, which was added to celebrate the 10th birthday of CS:GO, they finally have the opportunity to play it.

In the update, Tuscan was added to the competitive map pool, shortly after it was made available in the Workshop for players to download. Now, players can enjoy one of Counter-Strike’s classics in matchmaking, or in casual matches.

Tuscan is one of the oldest and most famous maps in Counter-Strike. In the 1.6 version of the game, the devs behind Tuscan took a map called de_cpl_mill and revamped it. As a result, players received a tremendously competitive map, and it was popular for many years. Counter-Strike and CS: Source players remember it fondly.

The layout of Tuscan isn’t vastly different from other classic maps in the franchise. It features two bomb sites, to which the terrorists have a couple of entries each—though, they are pretty tight and tough to breach. It also has a wide middle that if exposed by the T side, can open up a bunch of possibilities.

Will Tuscan be added to CS:GO’s active map pool?

With Tuscan back in competitive matchmaking, players can now officially play the map and climb the ranks. But a lot of people are wondering if Tuscan will be added to the professional map pool. Unfortunately, there is currently no definitive answer to this question.

Usually, Valve switches the maps in the active map pool for competitive tournaments without warning. Prior maps were added to matchmaking beforehand, however, so it could be that the devs are preparing to do the same with Tuscan. Players have been asking to replace Mirage, so their requests could be answered soon.

Nevertheless, if Tuscan were to be added, it would most likely be during the winter break in December. With the IEM Rio Major 2022 approaching, it’s highly unlikely the devs change the map pool at this stage of the season.