IEM Katowice: Day 4 Recap

The fourth and final day and it is all on the line. It’s Luminosity Gaming vs Fnatic in the grand finals and here is what happened.

Two teams remain to battle it out for first place and this is set up to be a great final. Here is how the matches went down:


Fnatic vs Luminosity Gaming

Map 1: Overpass

Score: 19-17 Fnatic win.

Map 2: Cache

Score: 16-3 Fnatic win.

Map 3: Inferno

Score: 16-12 Fnatic win.

After a super intense game one, Fnatic shifted into overdrive and beat Luminosity 3-0. Huge congratulations to Fnatic on winning IEM Katowice 2016, their sixth consecutive tournament win. To watch all of the matches from this event, check out the ESL YouTube .

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