IEM Katowice: Day 3 Recap

Two days down and two to go, day three decides who moves onto the finals and who goes home, here is everything you need to know.

Both the quarter and semi-final matches were played today all in a best of three format, today is make or break and there is no second chances:

Quarter Finals:

Natus Vincere vs Tempo Storm

Map 1: Overpass

Score: 16-10 NaVi win.

Map 2: Cobblestone

Score: 19-15 Tempo Storm win.

Map 3: Mirage

Score: 16-13 NaVi win.

NaVi advance to the semi-finals against Luminosity Gaming.

Fnatic vs

Map 1: Train

Score: 16-5 Fnatic win.

Map 2: Mirage

Score: 16-8 Fnatic win.

Fnatic advance to the semi-finals against Astralis.


Natus Vincere vs Luminosity Gaming

Map 1: Overpass

Score: 22-19 Luminosity win.

Map 2: Inferno

Score: 16-12 Luminosity win.

Luminosity advance to the finals.

Fnatic vs Astralis

Map 1: Overpass

Score: 16-6 Fnatic win.

Map 2: Cache

Score:16-12 Astralis win.

Map 3: Inferno

Score: 16-7 Fnatic win

Fnatic advance to the finals against Luminosity.

What a great day of Counter Strike and the scores only tell half the story. I implore you to go watch the matches on the ESL YouTube , especially the game one NaVi vs Luminosity match which was an absolutely amazing show case of skill.

The finals are Luminosity Gaming vs Fnatic and what a match it will be, who do you think will clutch out the win? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us  @eSportsNation .