How to complete all week 2 missions in CS:GO’s Operation Riptide

Seal the deal.

Image via Valve

It’s the start of a new week in Operation Riptide, with a new chance for CS:GO players who have purchased the $10 operation pass to earn stars to spend at the Operation shop.

You can earn up to six stars this week, and spend them on agents, weapon skins, cases, or stickers in the shop. Even if you’ve earned your six for the week, you can complete all the weekly missions to earn stars that will go towards a redeemable XP boost. As a reminder, you can go back and complete a week’s missions at any time, so don’t feel rushed.

Here’s how you can complete all of the week two missions in Operation Riptide.

Win one competitive short match or 21 roundson Basalt

Both short matches and the Basalt map were both added to the game via Operation Riptide. Short matches are played to 16 rounds instead of the typical 30, with the first to nine getting to win.

Basalt is situated in an Icelandic coastal town, with multiple mid angles and connectors, and each connector feeding into either the A or B bombsite. Win a game on Basalt, or win 21 total rounds to secure the stars.

Get 50 total headshots or 30 headshots in one deathmatch in Defusal Group Sigma

Also introduced in Operation Riptide is the official free-for-all deathmatch. This mode will give you plenty of targets that let you accomplish your goal of notching 50 total headshots or 30 in a single match. This map group includes Basalt, Ancient, Vertigo, Cobblestone, and Canals.

Get 14 kills or deal grenade damage in Demolition

Demolition is CS:GO‘s round-based version of gun game, which has players advance through a tier of weapons each round after getting a kill. If you get two kills in a round, you don’t skip a weapon but get an HE grenade to use instead.

Get 25 kills in Guardian: Sirocco

Guardian: Sirocco is another of CS:GO‘s unique two-player-only co-op missions. You’ll need a second person in your party to be able to queue for these, unlike Wingman, which allows for matchmaking.

Unlike the week one mission Blacksite, which had you shoot enemies parachuting in, the Sirocco mission requires you to kill enemies charging your cliffside position from multiple angles. Twenty-five kills will do the trick.