HenryG denies sexual assault allegations made by ex-girlfriend

HenryG claims that the sex on the night in question was consensual.

Photo via DreamHack

Henry “HenryG” Greer published a response today, denying sexual assault allegations made against him earlier this week by his ex-girlfriend, Twitch streamer Kelly Jean.

Jean accused Greer of being verbally, emotionally, and mentally abusive, and said he had sex with her without her consent. In his response, Greer denied all allegations of sexual assault, claiming that the sex was consensual. 

In a TwitLonger on June 21, Jean alleged that Greer sexually assaulted her while she was intoxicated after ingesting too much marijuana on New Year’s Eve in 2017. She claimed that Green initiated sex without her consent while she was intoxicated and incapable of consent. She also accused Greer of being verbally and emotionally abusive throughout their relationship.

Greer said in his response today that he and Jean were in a “toxic and destructive relationship.”

“While I deeply regret things I said during our relationship, I have never sexually or physically abused Kelly or anyone else,” Greer said. “I cannot speak for her, but I must be clear that her description of the events of New Year’s Eve are simply not accurate or true.”

Greer also offered a different account of what happened on New Year’s Eve. 

“After she smoked some, she initiated sex. Part way through said she was feeling too unwell to continue and so we stopped,” Greer said. “We then both spent the night awake, her feeling unwell and me to keep an eye on her.”

Greer also claimed that on May 28, 2020, Jean attempted to force herself onto his property to talk about their relationship, despite the relationship ending in 2018. He claims that he talked to her that night and they came to an agreement to end contact. But according to him, she has not. He then went on to accuse Jean of persistently contacting his partner, family, and colleagues from a variety of social media accounts.

Jean vehemently denies forcing her way into his home and initiating sex on the night in question. 


Jean said she’ll be publishing a TwitLonger responding to his responses in more detail soon. She’s also published a number of tweets addressing his response.