15 November 2017 - 19:06

GODSENT benches Dennis, releases Znajder

Two Swedes will now be looking for teams to join.
Screengrab via PGL

Two of GODSENT's most valuable players were removed from the active roster in yet another drastic team change for the struggling Swedish team.

Dennis Edman was moved to the inactive player roster earlier today, while Andreas "Znajder" Lindberg was released into free agency after being with the organization since it was founded in April 2016. Hampus Poser and Jacob "pyth" Mourujärvi will be substituted into the lineup to replace the departing Swedes. Dennis also joins his former Fnatic teammate Markus "pronax" Wallsten on GODSENT's bench.

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Dennis and Znajder gave different reasons for not wanting to play with GODSENT anymore. Both players mentioned the role confusion and lack of structure within the team, and it became evident to the veterans that there wasn't much cohesive strategy involved in the team's playstyle.

"The way we play in GODSENT is not the way I want to play," Dennis said. "There’s no structure, discipline or teamplay. I just got more and more tired because I know I can do so much more as a player and with a more structured team/game plan behind me."

Since pronax stepped down from his position as in-game leader at the same time Dennis came into the lineup in August, GODSENT have also lacked a well-established in-game leader to guide the way.

"All this made me extremely unmotivated day by day for the last eight months, [and] the only time I could turn up the heat was at LAN tournaments and show a good level of play," znajder said. "But online it's just been pure dogshit. I've just been wondering what my next step should be as I felt misplaced for a long time just filling gaps, feeling that need of a fresh start somewhere else around people with the same mindset as me."

Dennis and Znajder leave behind Simon "twist" Eliasson, Joakim "disco doplan" Gidetun, and Fredrik "freddieb" Buo on GODSENT. Dennis' and pronax's futures will be determined by an organization looking to negotiate for the two-time major winners, as they'll need a transfer buyout from their long-term contracts. Znajder, however, is free to sign with whichever team he pleases thanks to his free agent status.

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